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Marine Parts Express created this customized parts list for the engine model you selected. All are genuine Volvo Penta parts and Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc. warrants that new or factory exchange parts and accessories will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year. We have translated some of the hard-to-understand part names into easier names. You will however see the original Volvo Penta part name when you order. If there is an engine serial number in the notes box, it refers to the SN break. If the part number doesn't match what you see on your part, it may be that the part number has been superceded. Check with us if you have questions. Click on the part number to see our discounted price and how to order.

Volvo Penta AD41P-A

Part Number Description Retail Price Your Price Quantity Notes
471034 Oil Filter $30.0000 $28.80 1
3841697 Impeller Kit $75.7629 $72.73 1
40005011 Oil - Quart $8.7255 $8.38 1 mineral
40005012 Oil - Gallon $32.7600 $31.45 1 mineral
21485014 Coolant - 5L ready mixed $31.5735 $30.31 1 yellow
1141674 Coolant - 5L ready mixed $24.5805 $23.60 1 green
966978 V-Belt $77.7000 $74.59 1
85108974 Compressor Oil $80.9000 $77.66 1
3840335 Fuel Filter $58.9680 $56.61 1
861014 Fuel Filter $30.3000 $29.09 1 insert, 10 micron
858488 Air Filter $52.0000 $49.92 1 insert

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