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TechMate Pro Scan Tool
TechMate Pro Scan
Deluxe Carrying Case

Techmate Pro Scan Tool

TechMate Pro is the new generation diagnostic scan tool built for professional marine service applications supporting the widest range of marine engines in the industry. It is built using the latest flash based microprocessor and features USB connectivity for easy updates, a high visibility multi-line graphic LCD display viewable in direct sunlight, SD card slot for system expansion, and a water-resistant keypad along with a host of other features. For a comprehensive list of supported engines, click here.

Kit contents: TechMate Pro Scan tool, stern drive/inboard instruction manual, outboard instruction manual and 1992 - Up GM MEFI adapter (#94005).

Available Configurations:


Basic Scan Tool Kit

Includes 94005 adapter

$648.70   94070T

Outboard Scan Tool Kit

Includes 94006, 94011, 94028, 94029, 94032, 94037, 94038, 94039 adapters


Scan Tool Kit with CAN Interface

Includes 94005 and 94029 adapters

$778.70   94070D

Deluxe Scan Tool Kit

for Sterndrives, Inboards, and Outboards

Includes 94005, 94006, 94011, 94024, 94026, 94028, 94029, 94032, 94037, 94038, and 94039 adapters and deluxe carrying case.


Mercury/MerCruiser CAN Kit

Includes 94029 and 94032 adapters


Sterndrive and Inboard Scan Took Kit

Includes 94005, 94006, 94024, 94026, 94029, 94032 adapters

$947.70   94015

Deluxe Carrying Case


EFI Diagnostic Adapters

  • #94005 GM-Delphi MEFI 1- MEFI 4b
  • #94006 MerCruiser PCM/ECM 555 (2001 and up)
  • #94011 Mercury outboard 4-pin adapter
  • #94013 Mercury Racing 2.5L outboard
  • #94014 MerCruiser 2.8L/4.2L D-tronic diesel
  • #94020 MerCruiser Thunderbolt V
  • #94021 MerCruiser 7.3L D-tronic diesel
  • #94023 Diacom Marine CAN adapter (gen 1)
  • #94024 2006-07 Volvo Penta EGC
  • #94026 2007-08 PCM/Crusader ECM-07
  • #94027 Merc/TechMate scan tool CAN adapter
  • #94029 Diacom Marine CAN adapter (gen 2)
  • #94028 Mercury ouboard 2-pin adapter
  • #94032 Mercury CAN Converter (used with 94029 to allow connection to 2008-Up Mercury 10-pin CAN Networks
  • #94037 In-line power adapter
  • #94038 Mercury outboard 3-pin adapter
  • #94039 Mercury outboard 18-pin adapater
Diacom Plus Marine Software

Diacom Marine Version 2.9 - PC Software

For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Save hours in diagnostic time with this sophisticated diagnostic software system. Used in conjunction with an IBM compatible laptop, Diacom Plus taps into the engine's onboard computer allowing a technician to quickly zero in on intermittent problems and malfunctions. Diacom Plus displays 30 engine parameters simultaneously allowing you to get the "big picture" during your diagnostic session. DIacom Plus also records and graphs data from all accessible EFI system sensors. This is the ultimate marine EFI analysis tool!

Click here for complete list of supported engines.

Diacom Marine unlocks the computing power of your notebook PC and provides state-of the-art features that simply leave other diagnostic tools in it’s wake. Our kit includes three EFI cable adapters:

  • #94010Standard Kit (includes 94005 and 94006 adapters) $781.76
  • #94030 CAN Kit (includes 94005, 94006, and 94029 adapters) $908.70
  • #94030DDeluxe Kit (includes 94005, 94006, 94011, 94024, 94026, 94028, 94029, 94037, 94038, 94039 adapters and deluxe carrying case)
CodeMate EFI Reader

CodeMate - MEFI Code Reader

This pocket size tester serves as both an EFI fault code Indicator and a Spark Timing (base timing) service tool. It is the perfect tool for low volume marine repair shops that troubleshoot a small number of EFI systems a year. This tool is the minimum required service tool needed to perform GM marine EFI diagnostic procedures. CodeMate flashes fault code sequences on its built-in malfunction indicator lamp and allows base spark advance to be set when used with a timing light. Works with all Volvo Penta versions. Only works with Mercruiser engines prior to 2001.This tool is NOT compatible with MEFI-5, MerCruiser PCM-555, ECM-555, Volvo EGC, or other marine EFI systems.

CodeMate Adapter Kit

Adapter Kit - includes CodeMate

Used in conjunction with the MerCruiser Scan Tool or Diacom Marine Software, this cost effective adapter kit contains the most commonly needed adapters for connecting to inboard and sterndrive EFI systems from 1992 through 2007. Also included is a CodeMate EFI code reader used for flashing codes and setting base timing on MEFI-1 through MEFI-4 equipped marine engines.


Adapter kit includes the following:

  • #94006 2001-up MerCruiser PCM/ECM 555
  • #94014 2.8L/4.2L MerCruiser D-Tronic diesel
  • #94024 2006-07 Volvo EGC
  • #94026 2007-up PCM/Crusader ECM-07
  • #94008 CodeMate MEFI code reader


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