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Quicksilver Part

MR & Alpha One
1983 - 1990

Alpha One Gen II
1991 - Present

Bravo I

Bravo II

Bravo III

Aluminum Anode Kit - Salt water (image) 888756Q02 888756Q01 (image) 888758Q01 (image) 888761Q01 (image) 888761Q01 (image)
Magnesium Anode Kit (image) 888755Q02 888755Q01 (image) 888757Q01 888760Q01 888760Q02
Exhaust Bellows 18654A1 18654A1 18654A1 18654A1 18654A1
Gimbal Bearing 30-60794A4 30-60794A4 30-60794A4 30-60794A4 30-60794A4
Universal Joint Bellows 60932A4 816431A1 86840A3 86840A3 86840A3
Shift Cable Bellows 74639A2 74639A2 74639A2 74639A2 74639A2
Transom Seal Kit 30-803098T1 30-803099T1 30-803100T1 30-803100T1 30-803100T1
Trim Sender with trim limit switch 805320A03 805320A03 805320A03 805320A03 805320A03
Trim Cylinder 14035A3 (port)
14034A3 (stbd)
815935A7 (port)
815954A7 (stbd)
98703A26 (port)
98704A26 (stbd)
98703A26 (port)
98704A26 (stbd)
47342A23 (port)
47342A23 (stbd)
Trim Cylinder Anchor Pin Kit 17-14872A1 17-815953T1 17-44166T1 17-44166T1 17-44166T1
Trim Cylinder Plastic End Caps 19-14842 (each) 19-815951 (each) 19-14842 (each) 19-14842 (each) 19-14842 (each)
Gear Oil Reservoir (Lube Bottle Kit)
806193A48 806193A48 806193A48 806193A48 806193A48

XR Bravo Only

Gimbal bearing 30-862540A3 XR Bravo only

Mercruiser Additives, Lubricants and Sealers


Part Number

Required for

Perfect Seal Sealant 92-342271
Anti-Corrosion Grease 92-802867A1  
Power Trim and Steering Fluid 92-802880A1  
Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer 92-802876Q1 Used to prevent fresh fuel from undergoing degradation and oxidation. 1 oz. (30ml) treats 6 gallons (22.71L) of fuel as stabilizer. 1 oz. (30ml) treats 2 1/2 gallons (9.46L) of fuel as stabilizer. For use with 2 and 4 cycle engines. 16 fl. oz. (473ml) plastic bottle.
Fogging Oil  92-802878Q56 A blend of corrosion inhibiting additives designed to coat engine components during engine storage.    and reduce the formation of surface rust. 12 oz. (340g) spray can.
Corrosion Guard, Spray Can, 11 oz. 92-80287855 Engine exterior

Mercruiser Tools


Part Number

Required for:

Floating Prop Wrench 91-859046Q4 Any Mercruiser 1-1/16" prop (all except for Bravo III)
Front Nut Socket 91-8054571 Bravo III and BlackHawk (requires your own ratchet handle)
Expander tool 91-45497A1 Exhaust Bellows
Hinge pin tool 91-78310 Exhaust Bellows
Adhesive 92-86166Q1 Exhaust Bellows
Slide hammer 91-34569A1 Remove Gimbal Bearing
Alignment tool 91-805475A1 Drive Installation
Bearing driver 91-32325T (call) Install Gimbal Bearing
Bearing driver collar 91-30366T1 Install Gimbal Bearing
Driver rod 91-37323 (call) Install Gimbal Bearing
Tapered Insert Tool 91-43579 Water hose (Bravo drives)
Spanner Wrench 91-821709T Removes trim cylinder end cap for all Mercury / Mercruiser models.
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