Marine Parts Express Workarounds

Over the years, Marine Parts Express has come up with a variety of work-arounds and options for No-Longer-Available (NLA) or Expired (EXP) parts or systems. Don't despair if you can't find a part as we may have a solution. 

NLA Thermostat Housing Ford Block Volvo Penta #3853245

On Volvo Penta gas engines using the Ford block, the lower thermostat housing (#3853245) is NLA. But, we have manufactured a nifty replacement housing (#3853245MPE). See image below.

NLA Thermostat Housing Ford Block Pleasurecraft RA025001 & RA25001

On Pleasurecraft gas engines using the Ford block, the lower thermostat housing (RA025001 or RA25001) is NLA. But it is possible to use the #3853245MPE along with a Volvo Penta #3850360 to replace the lower and upper thermostat housing (R025002). Don't forget matching gaskets: 3852456 & 3852111.

Backordered Volvo Penta Tool #3855877

Volvo Tool #3855877 is now available, but it is often unavailable for extended periods of time.. This tool removes the outer prop shaft housing for both DPS and XDP drives. In the case of this tool being unvailable, we have come up with a work-around that works very well. In fact, it works arguably better than the original tool as it is substantially strong and provides a heavier support for a socket. Order our work-around part # 3855877-3861659 MPE for $195. See photos below.

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NLA Electrical Box Cover #860779

On Volvo Penta Diesel 41, 42, 43, and 4 series engines, the cover for the electrical box  (#860779) is NLA, but we have manufactured a relacement that works well: #860779MPE.

NLA Volvo Penta Sealant #591247

Volvo Penta sealant, part number 591247, is no longer available from Volvo Penta. Sealant 591247 is described as “a heavy duty sealant” used for, besides other applications, inlet and exhaust manifolds.

We have determined that ROCOL STEAMSEAL30042 is a good substitute. “ROCOL STEAMSEAL is a graphite & manganese compound giving efficient sealing for ferros pipework. It is a high pressure, setting pipe sealant for metallic threaded and flanged joints.”

Expired Tool #884541

Diesel Dave has created a replacement tool for expired tool #884541. The tool is used to remove injector sleeves on Volvo Penta diesel engines such as the 2000 series (2001-2003T). We are now offering a new tool to replace the expired one. The price on this item is $350 and you can order it online by clicking on the following link 884541


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