It's a new multi-function diesel fuel conditioner designed specifically for the marine environment. Not only will ARONOL MPP address the issues associated with operating a diesel in a moist environment, it also helps to protect that environment by reducing emissions into the surrounding air, land, and sea. Cruise your engine clean with ARONOL MPP.

How does ARONOL MPP work?

One function of Aronol MPP is to raise the cetane rating of the diesel fuel.  Cetane ratings are similar to octane rating in gasoline.  The higher the number, the quicker the ignition of the fuel, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel in the cylinders to produce the most power possible from the fuel.  Black exhaust smoke is unburned fuel.  This is a result of low cetane fuel which ignites late in the cylinder, without sufficient time to burn completely during the power stroke.  ARONOL MPP improves ignition.

How Cetane Rating Affects Combustion

Lower cetane fuels have a higher rate of pressue increase during ignition under high-load operations.  With ARONOL MPP it is possible to smooth out engine operation, which reduces noise levels and eliminates potential damage to piston rings and rod bearings.

Lessens Misfiring

The point at which misfiring occurs in a diesel engine is influenced by the temperature of the intake air.  The adjacent chart illustrates ho higher cetane fuels - whether additive improved or natural - tolerate lower air temperatures before misfiring occurs.

Improved Low Load Operation

Whether natural or obtained by the use of ARONOL MPP, a higher cetane number gives quicker ignition, eliminates misfiring, assures smoother combustion, and decreases the formulation of objectionable exhaust fumes under critical low-load operations. ARONOL MPP also contains a powerful detergent to remove carbon deposits from injector plungers and tips.  When carbon builds up on an injector plunger the fuel metering becomes irratic.  It may cause the plunger to stick allowing more fuel than is required into the combustion chamber.  This too can contribute to incomplete combustion and black smoke.  Carboned injector tips can cause poor atomization and irregular fuel spray patterns robbing power and creating smoke.  ARONOL MPP contains glycol ethers that will mix with the moisture in your tank to slowly disperse and remove the water.

Concentrations of 1 pint to 25 gallons revealed no harmful effects on fuel injection components engine operation or fuel quality.  In fact, ARONOL MPP contains a fuel stabilizer to prevent the oxidation and degradation of fuels even during winterization.  This minimizes sludge formation.

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New ARONOL Marine Power Plus Diesel Fuel Conditioner

High Performance Multi-Functional


Great for small sail boat tanks.

2 oz treats 16 gallons

Working Vessels or Pleasure Crafts

1 pint treats 125 gallons

Simply pour the recommended amount into your fuel tank before fueling up.  The turbulence of the fuel entering the tank will ensure proper blending. Overtreatment is not possible.

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