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71C/72C Series

The 71C and 72C refer to the input horsepower ranges. The 72C is available as either a Direct Drive or Reduction. The 71C is only available as a Direct Drive. Reversible pumps are available for both the 71C and the 72C.

ImageDescriptionRatio Manual Part Number
71C Transmission1:1 Service Manual 10-17-004
72C Transmission1:1 Service Manual 10-18-002
72C Transmission 1.52:1 Service Manual 10-18-004
72C Transmission 1.88:1 Service Manual 10-18-106
72C Transmission 2.57:1 Service Manual 10-18-010
72C Transmission 2.91:1 Service Manual 10-18-012
72C Stern Drive1:1 Service Manual 10-18-014

Liberty Series

The Liberty Series transmissions are available in either electric shift or manual shift.

ImageDescriptionRatio Manual Part Number
72L Transmission1:1 Service Manual 30-07-M02
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE2.5:1 Service Manual 30-02-005
LIBERTY SERIES TRANSMISSION 1:1 Service Manual 30-01-001
LIBERTY SERIES TRANSMISSION1.25:1 Service Manual 30-01-002
LIBERTY SERIES TRANSMISSION2.1:1 Service Manual 30-01-004
LIBERTY SERIES TRANSMISSION2.5:1 Service Manual 30-01-005
LIBERTY SERIES TRANSMISSION2.8:1 Service Manual 30-01-006

5000 Series

The 5000 series is considered obsolete and has been replaced by the Liberty Series. However, we may be able to find one for you if you contact us. Please keep in mind that pricing may vary due to limited availability.

ImageDescriptionRatio Manual Part Number
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 1:1 Service Manual 2001-000-001
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 1.25:1 Service Manual 2001-000-002
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 1.5:1 Service Manual 2001-000-003
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 2:1 Service Manual 2001-000-004
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 2.5:1 Service Manual 2001-000-005
5000 SERIES TRANSMISSION 2.8:1 Service Manual 2001-000-006
5000 SERIES V-DRIVE 1.25:1 Service Manual 2002-000-002
5000 SERIES V-DRIVE 1.5:1 Service Manual 2002-000-003
5000 SERIES V-DRIVE 2:1 Service Manual 2002-000-004
5000 SERIES V-DRIVE 2.5:1 Service Manual 2002-000-005

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